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Welcome to our vibrant community, where the rhythm of chart-topping anthems meets the pulse of cryptocurrency innovation.

Here, we shake off the ordinary and embrace the thrill of digital currencies, inspired by lyrics that teach us to dream big and speak now. Join us in this love story between music and crypto, where every member shines like starlight and contributes to a symphony of success.

Ready to begin again in a world where melodies and markets harmonize? The best is yet to come in our community, where we’re all about making our mark and celebrating every victory together.


Supply 10,000,000
0% Taxes

Contract Renounced
Liquidity Burned


step 1: download and install metamask

step 2: buy eth directly on metamask or send from an exchange

step 3: open uniswap paste the $swifties address and confirm


if you need eth, click the buy button below
otherwise, click swap and enter the amount!

Speaker Camera


Phase One

  • Community Growth
  • Brand Visibility

Phase Two

  • Utility Enhancements
  • Explore Partnerships

Phase Three

  • Security Audits
  • Enhanced Marketing

Phase Four

  • Exchange Listings
  • Expand Roadmap

This project is independently created and managed by fans and has no affiliation with any artists, record labels, or any other related entities.
All trademarks and copyrighted materials referenced belong to their respective owners and are used here in fair use and for fan purposes only.

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